Resume & C.V.

Resume (9.11.11)

C.V. (9.30.11)


“Enterprise Funds,” (Ch. 2) in Carol Lancaster, ed., Foreign Aid and Private Sector Development (Providence, RI: Watson Institute, 2006).

“Trends in Multi-Method Research: Sailing Ahead, Reckoning with Old Risks and New.” With Scott Siegel et al. Qualitative Methods 5(1), Spring 2007: 24-28.


“Bringing U.S. Manufacturing Back,” 5-part series with Brenda Krueger Huffmann, 13-17 June 2011.

Part 1, Who is Dr. Matthew Lieber?

Part 2, Global Neighbors & Competitors

Part 3, U.S. Foreign Policy

Part 4, Competing Internal Identity

Part 5, Success Realities

Teaching: Course Syllabi

American National Government (FA 2011)

POLS 160 Syllabus FA 10 (FA 2010)

Hybrid course proposal: US Political Economy

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